Marina Del Rey: Heinz beans and Yorkshire Tea

We booked an Airbnb the night before we got to Marina Del Rey, and because we were in a rush, I didn’t really read the description/couldn’t remember what I’d booked. Anyway, we turned up and we had a swimming pool and a hot tub (and a gym, but I ignored that). We’d hit the jackpot!

Marina Del Rey is a lovely little area just down the road from Venice Beach, full of posh apartments and big boats. Sam and Hannah, Jess’ friends from home also happened to live about ten minutes away from our apartment, and we went for a great Italian meal with free unlimited garlic dough balls, and got so drunk from margaritas, that neither of us moved from our bed the next day. It was great to be around English people again, and we spent a good amount of time talking about politics and dogs, two of my favourite subjects. 

Back when we were in New York, is applied for us to go on The Late Late Show with James Corden, and had pretty much forgotten about it until I got a confirmation email for our tickets. We headed back to Hollywood for the day and had the most surreal time at the recording. The guests were LL Cool J, Andrew Garfield and January Jones, and it was really cool to go to a live show and see how it all works, but it was all so bizarre. We were told before they started filming to laugh even if we didn’t think it was funny, and we had to practice cheering and clapping as loud as we could. I felt like I was in that television show scene from Requiem for a Dream.

On Saturday, we went for brunch with Sam and Hannah, walked around the farmer’s market and sat out on their balcony all afternoon, where they provided us with Heinz beans and Yorkshire Tea teabags (hit the jackpot again), and then that night we decided to go out for Halloween. Armed with nothing but one toilet roll and a glue stick, I managed to transform myself into a cat and we headed to a bar on Abbot Kinney, where we completely filled our handbags with free sweets (I have no shame), and saw a whole array of fabulous costumes, my favourite being a girl dressed as Eleven from Stranger Things, complete with an Eggo box for a handbag, and the guy she was with dressed as Joyce’s wall. 

We spent a few more days lounging around and eating lots of food, and also checked out Beverly Hills (mostly so I could see the hotel Pretty Woman was filmed in), before we headed to the Los Angeles Greyhound Station for the third and final time. Next stop, Monterey! 


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