Hollywood: The Ghost of the Goblin King

It was sad leaving San Diego, especially after the amazing burger I’d eaten the night before, but we were back on a Greyhound once again, on our way to Los Angeles. 
Hollywood is grotty and grimy, but I’d say that’s all part of the charm of it, and because we had so many great things planned, it didn’t matter. When we got there, I had a salad for the first time in months and felt like a brand new woman for all of five minutes. We went to Frolic Room after, which is a dive bar that Bukowski used to drink in, so I had a mini literature-fan-girl moment, as we discussed favourite bra styles with the middle aged bar tender. 

There was an In N Out in walking distance to our hostel, so obviously I went straight there the next day. This was before we climbed up Runyon Canyon, which might seem like the wrong order, but either way it was gonna be hell. It wasn’t even that big of a walk, but as Jess and I sweated and crawled our way up, all these sexy topless people with chiselled abs soared past us, and I felt like an actual potato. A potato with awful period pains and a belly full of burger. 

That night we went to Santa Monica Pier to see Labyrinth at a free outdoor screening. These happen every Friday evening by the looks of it, and it’s a lot of fun. Although definitely bring a jacket and at least one blanket because it got so cold. Towards the end of the movie, when Jennifer Connoly told Bowie “you have no power over me”, a massive load of sea mist rolled past the screen and everyone was shouting “it’s the ghost of the Goblin King!”, which completely made being freezing cold worthwhile. 

We also saw the sunset at Griffith Observatory, and got to see Mars through a big ass telescope, which I’d definitely recommend, it was one of my favourite evenings of our trip so far. 

And then of course, there was a very special reason we stayed in Hollywood, a very special something I’d booked months ago, and that was Bon Iver at the Hollywood Bowl. I’d seen them a few years ago in Dublin, and obviously they were incredible, and there was no way we were gonna miss out on this. The Hollywood Bowl is 100% the best venue I’ve ever been to; it reminded me a little bit of the Eden Sessions but a whole lot more extravagant. Patti Smith and Hiss Golden Messenger supported, and they were both great. Patti Smith was bizarre and nuts and I loved it. Bon Iver were as good as the first time I saw them, and I can’t wait until the next time, whenever that will be.


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