San Diego: I love you Sandy Eggo 

After a 9.5 hour Greyhound from Nevada, we arrived in San Diego late at night, and even though we couldn’t really see anything, we were instantly so happy. We could smell the sea, it was warm, there was a pizza shop across the road from our hostel, palm trees lined the streets, we were in our element. 

As we were checking into our hostel, a homeless guy threw a knife into the reception, but nothing was putting a dampener on our stay, not even the police helicopters circling up above. 

Our first day was pretty grey, so we headed into the old town, which was a little slice of Mexico right in the heart of San Diego. We had many margaritas, directly before a clifftop walk to watch the sunset, which was bad planning but we survived! We also got free pizza and I found a bar serving Hoegaarden, so this was definitely up there with one of my favourite days of our trip. 

The sun came out and stayed out for the remainder of our trip, and we went to dog beach where I spent the majority of the day telling Jess how much I love dogs and pointing out every single dog that walked past (sorry Jess). 

On the last day, I walked to the end of Sunset Cliffs then remembered I’d forgotten my suncream, so spent the next hour heading back and hopping around, trying to find some shade (there was none). I had the best burger of my life at Hodad’s, watched the sunset on the pier, almost got hit by a car (not my fault), saw a guy catch a leopard shark, and fell in love with a female bassist called Sunshine, which is a lot of activities for one day. 


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