Las Vegas: Strippers Nude Daily

Maybe I’m dead inside, but Vegas was not the one for me. It was so depressing (either due to all the homeless people on the strip, or all the people sat alone in the casinos spending all their money), and apart from the strip and Fremont, there wasn’t a whole lot to do there. I guess I’m lucky, because this is the only place I haven’t liked since we’ve been away, and to be fair, we did meet some lovely people in our hostel.

Our hostel was between a tattoo shop and a strip club, and across the road from quite a few wedding chapels, so I’m very impressed that Jess and I left with no wedding certificates, no tattoos and all our clothes. 

We were both told that the guys who worked in our hostel had bets on which guest they get with, which was the cherry on top of a very sour cupcake for me. Pigs. 

On a brighter note, the views coming out of Vegas and going into California were spectacular and I was once again like a kid at Christmas as we set off towards San Diego. 


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