New York & Boston: Died and gone to bagel heaven

So it turns out that two English girls in America get a lot of drinks bought for them, which is all well and good until you think singing Nelly & Kelly – Dilemma in a karaoke bar in Boston is a good idea. Which also led to one of the worst hangovers in my life as we got the bus back to New York the next day. 

Boston was great though, it was nice to get out of New York and chill out in a little city for the weekend. The bookshops were quaint, the beer was slightly cheaper, and it felt a little bit like being back in England. 

This is our last week in New York, and we’ve found a channel that exclusively shows old episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, which means we’ve also spent a bit too much time sat on my uncle’s sofa. But we did go into Manhattan and walk down the East River, into Chinatown and up to the East Village, where we went to a bar with a very handsome barman who wouldn’t serve me because I’m ginger (I’m not ginger), and I would have been angry, but they also served grilled cheese with actual real cheddar instead of that gross plastic shit, which is of course what I miss the most about England. 

We also watched the presidential debate with my uncle which was hilarious because everyone in the room was moaning about somebody (he hates Clinton, I hate Trump). 

Most importantly, I have eaten so many different types of bagels and I am in love. The best has got to be the everything bagel, but I have just had a cinnamon and raisin with cream cheese, which was also wonderful. 

We’re off to New Orleans on Tuesday morning and it’s currently 30 degrees there. I just cannot wait for the jambalaya and beignets. 


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